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Skip One Folded

Optional Fuel Tank

Optional Cockpit

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The Fresh Breeze Skip One Trike

The Heavy-Duty Trike!

Skip One Powered Paragliding Trike by Fresh Breeze.

The Skip One trike is made for heavy duty use with solid Aluminum tubing construction. The main bar "the back bone of the unit" is a 2" x 6" aluminum tube. It will take the hardest of landings with no bending.

The Skip One also has an integrated seat - very comfortable! You belt right into the seat with no harness to get in the way. The Skip One has real tires to stand up to real use. Plus, there is a bar above your head to take some of the load in case of a accidental roll over.

You can see the that the Skip One is a real trike workhorse. The Skip One Trike does not include the paramotor, the best motors for use with this trike are the Solo, Simonini or Monster Hirth.

Fresh Breeze Pricing

Technical Specifications
Weight 27 kg
Height, assembled 140 cm
Width, assembled 137 cm
Height, disassembled 75 cm
Width, disassembled 120 cm
Construction Aluminium
Max. pilot weight 100 kg
Ascending rate with Monster 2 m/s
Engines to be used Solo, Simonini, Monster
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