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Fresh Breeze Products:
   Why Fresh Breeze?
   Solo 210
   Simonini Sportix
   Monster Hirth
   The Flyke
   Skip One Trike
   Bullix Trike
   Scimitar Prop
   Maintenance Kit
Paramotoring Products:
   Reserve Parachutes
   PPG Bible

    Icaro 2000 PPG Helmet This fully Certified, ultralight helmet is the Pilot's Choice!

Fresh Breeze Paramotors

Fresh Breeze Paramotors

Fresh Breeze is German engineering at it's best.

The Fresh Breeze is one of the quietest, most powerful and easiest starting paramotors available today, with the best power to weight ratio.

Fresh Breeze motors also feature a soft J-bar suspension system with a quick release that allows both a excellent feel for your paraglider and a emergency motor jettison feature for even more enhanced security in flight.

Electric start is available, but typically unnecessary, due to the easy pullstart. For in-air restart, the High Energy Ignition system is perfect for incredibly easy starts and smoother running. This is the only paramotor certified by the German DULV (ultralight association).

The Fresh Breeze comes in many sizes which will fly ANY size pilot up to 400 lbs.

Fresh Breeze Pricing

All units share the same features:
  • Tuned Exhaust (very quiet and extra thrust)
  • Extra Large Custom cylinder head
  • Light weight, large 2.5 gallon gas tank ( up to 3 hrs duration) and carbon composite Propeller
  • All units can be jettisoned in case of emergency (water landing)

For more information on the Fresh Breeze paramotors, visit

Safety First!

Fresh Breeze units feature a soft J-bar suspension system. There is also a confort bar suspension available for a lower hook in feel.

This feature is paramount! It is a quick release that allows an emergency motor jettison feature (in compliance with german ultralight safety requirements) for even more enhanced security in flight. If there ever was a time where your motor caught on fire, you can simply pull two pins, then slide the motor pack off your back and let it go. The chance are slim that this would ever happen, but Fresh Breeze is the only motors on the market that offer this degree of safety. It's like having a reserve parachute (which is a good idea as well!), you give yourself another option for survival in aviation.

This feature also gives you an excellent feel for your paraglider and the ability to weight shift your glider like no other unit out there. On climbout, you can simply cross your legs away from the turn induced by engine/propeller torque, and you are flying strainght! Especially valuble when Motoring to the Thermals, where you will really appreciate this unique system. You can view a Quickrelease Demonstration Video here (3.8 MB).

The Flyke!

The goal was the ultimate "Toy" for PPG. You can fly and Bicycle. If you are on the ground, the motor and glider can be stowed and the whole thing pedaled, to the ice cream parlor for instance.

The Bicycle can be used with the motor running on the ground up to 40 mph (tested) with two hydraulic brakes stop the unit.

The Flyke launches like a regular trike. It offers a comfortable seating position and unobstructed view and great ergonomics. No special Harness is necessary, sit down, fasten your seatbelt and take off. The bicycle is front wheel drive and steers with articulation. The whole front of the bicycle with seat pivots into turns. On the ground a steering handle is used. More info...

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