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Fresh Breeze Monster Hirth

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This Paramotor was specifically developed for heavy pilots, tandem flights and PPG Trikes. It is based on the Hirth Aero F33.


The Fresh Breeze Monster Hirth weighs around 71 lbs, which targets a pilot weight of up to 260 lbs. This excellent paramotor is extremely powerful, allowing it to be used for foot launched flight by heavier pilots, as well as for PPG Trike, Flyke or TrikeBuggy applications.



  • Comfort bars under the arms increase the seat comfort particularly on long flights.
  • Vibrations felt by the pilot are noticeably decreased.
  • Movement of the engine on pilot's back are greatly reduced.
  • Fast assembly without tools through Quickpin and Velcro.
  • The position of the starter knob makes restarting the Monster Hirth very easy.
  • Now, you can specify a Double ring cage (DRC) or a standard One ring cage (ORC).
  • The fuel tank allows flights of 2+ hours.
  • Aluminum cage & frame.
  • Standard as pull start - optional electric start with alternator - charging the battery while the engine is running.
  • Now standard with the new improved performance Scimitar propeller.


Technical Specifications
Engine Monster Hirth 313 cc
Power 30 hp @ 6000 rpm
Thrust 165 lbs
Cooling Air
Carb Bing or Walbro
Exhaust Resonator (tuned)
Starter Manual or Electric
Propeller 4-Blade Scimitar
Diameter 48"
Weight 71 lbs.
Tank 2.5 gallon, optional 4.5 gallon
Cage 4 part aluminium, single or double ring
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