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Powered Paragliding Trikes

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Powered Paragliding Trikes are just plain fun! They allow a pilot to launch easily when there is no wind - the most challenging PPG launch condition.


  • No carrying the heavy motor unit on your back!
  • No more running forward launches!
  • Rolling easily into flight!
  • Landing in no-wind conditions with no running!

Save your knees, legs and ankles and say goodbye to broken props and cages. With proper training, this new buggy will make those calm condition flights not just possible, but fun and easy!

ParaToys PPG TrikeYou'll actually smile when the other pilots worry about whether they can pull off a no-wind launch when the air is smooth and sweet, knowing that you can taxy along after inflation and roll right into a controlled launch. Come into your landing at full speed, with just a nice flare to round out the approach, and roll into a superb touch-down!

Some pilots simply do not have the physical strength or stamina to manage foot launch technique especially in light or no wind with a powerful, heavy machine on their back. Now those with bad knees, back, or certain other physical challenges have an option to fly.

Trikes are also ideal for women. PPG requires more strength than free flight paragliding, and now the trike offers your wife or girlfriend the opportunity to join you in the sky without having to become a female bodybuilder!

People sometimes see powered paragliding as either foot launching or using wheels. The fact is that you don't have to limit yourself to one. Both have significant advantages.




Trike Evaluation:
No Running
Less Transportable
No Carrying the Motor
More Set-Up Time
Easier Light Wind Launch
More Room to Launch
Safer Downwind Landings
Additional Cost
Easier at High Altitudes
Difficult in High Wind

Three Trikes: Quad, Flyke & TrikeBuggy

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