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Fly Products Paramotors

Fly Products Paramotors:
   Power Race
   Power Gold
   Flash Trike
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Fly Products is an Italian manufacturer of Powered Paragliders. It was one of the first European manufacturers to begin production of powered paragliders in series, 15 years ago. Fly Products makes a diverse range of powered paragliders.

Their products are customized super-light units designed to suit the weight range of all pilots. Extra features such as: electric starter, three piece dismountable cage, deluxe throttle with start/stop switch and low fuel warning light (see photo right), 4 gallon gas tanks (3.5 hrs. of flying time), etc. are included as standard.

Fly Products paramotors are made in modular frameworks for a quick transformation from one model to another which also allows an easy dismantling for every means of transport.

Fly Products Paramotors:

Power Race     Kompress     Power Gold     Power Max

...and - it fits (with the wing) in the trunk!!

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