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NAC 2000 PPG Helmet

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Sidetone Radio Communication Helmet for Powered Paragliding

The powerful engine and the rotation of the propeller causes unavoidable noise from our powered paragliders. The close proximity of the pilot’s head to the motor and prop can be damaging to the ears and makes radio communication a challenge.

The NAC 2000 noise attenuation helmet is equipped with quality, Peltor earmuffs, a proprietary sound monitoring system, and a noise cancelling microphone that protects the pilot’s ears and allows clear, noise-free radio communications.

  • Peltor noise attenuation sealing cup earmuffs, filled with fluid and foam.
  • Block out most noise, even at low frequencies with a 27 dB rating.
  • Light weight helmet frame, specially designed for flying.
  • Earmuffs that fold in two directions. When folded backwards, the helmet occupies minimum space for ease of transport and storage. When folded outwards, they allow the pilot to speak and hear before taking off. It only takes a gentle push to fix the earmuffs in their normal position.
  • Noise cancelling microphone reduces 90% of the engine noise.
  • SRM22 sound monitoring sidetone circuit that allows the pilot to hear their own voice through the headset and check the quality of the transmission when the push-to-talk (PTT) button is activated.
  • When the PTT button is released, transmission continues for a moment to avoid being cut off.
  • No battery consumption as long as there is no transmission, even when receiving. The circuit is activated only when the pilot presses the PTT button, which guarantees the long life of the 9V battery in the left earmuff (consumption under 10 milliamps).
  • Push to talk button conveniently located on the left cup.
  • RCA audio input jack to allow compatibility with certain variometers or connection to a music source, such as a walkman.
  • Movable or removable visor for better view of glider if desired.
  • Vents allow air flow through the helmet.
  • For tandem, order two helmets and the tandem radio box. This allows instructiors and tandem pilots to use the same helmet for both solo and tandem use.
  • Specify if you want the 2 prong standard or the single prong Motorola plug when ordering.
  • Changeable size of Small 56cm, Medium 58cm, or Large 60 cm

NAC Helmets are no longer available - Please see SPORTLINK COMM HELMETS


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