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Impuls Moster Plus & Ozone Mojo Power 2
Deluxe Paramotor Packages

The Miniplane Moster Paramotor has now been paired with the Ozone Mojo Power Glider along with pilot essentials to get you into the air!

Getting into the sport of Paramotoring has now been made easier, thanks to our Deluxe Paramotoring Packages that include all of the vital pieces that make pilots happy.

Our Impulse Paramotor/Mojo Power 2 Glider Package includes: 


Miniplane Moster Plus Manual Start Paramotor
Ozone Mojo Power 2
Deluxe Paramotor Package - $10,900

Miniplane Moster Dual Start Paramotor
Ozone Mojo Power 2
Deluxe Paramotor Package - $11,600

Other Paramotor Packages


Package Special!
Icaro Helmet

Our Deluxe Paramotor packages include pilot essentias that make the experience just that much better!

The items included in this Deluxe Package are the things that our students most often purchase with their new Paramotors. In addition to the particular flying machine and wing you have decided on, the Deluxe Paramotor Package includes these additional items:

PPG Bible
  • Icaro PPG Helmet
  • Reserve Parachute
  • Powerfloat Flotation Device
  • Accu-Mix Fuel Jug & Jiggle Siphon
  • Ozone Large Windsock & Pole
  • The PPG Bible by Jeff Goin

The Fine Print:
In order to qualify for the equipment package only, pilot must be a currently Certified and flying pilot or enrolled in a recognized school course with a Certified PPG Instructor. This special package excludes all other specials and discounts. Discounts cannot be combined.

Powered paragliding requires significant training. We will not sell a paraglider or motor to anyone until we have verified that they have arranged for, or have completed training with a recognized Instructor.

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