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Pilot Add-Ons for a Better Experience!

PPG Bible by Jeff Goin

A Complete Training Manual and Reference for Paramotor Pilots

This book is the most thorough manual ever produced for our sport, offering a concise treatment of subject matter for anyone serious about flying. It will be appreciated by those just learning as well as those wanting to master the sport, to explore all it has to offer. LINK

If you are:

  • Considering the sport, this will tell you all about what trade-offs are made and what to avoid.
  • Just getting started, this will prepare you for training.
  • Setting out on your own, this will help clarify the vagaries of rotor, micrometeorology, airspace, rules, field selection, etc.
  • Curious, this answers questions. Many, many questions about everything from aerodynamics to history.
  • Into photography, this will offer tips that may save much aggravation about getting good pictures from a PPG.
  • Thinking about competition, this has the lowdown on what it is, how it's flown and, better yet, what to practice to get good at it.

Then this book is for you!

If you have ever wondered about the sport of powered paragliding, this will answer your questions. Everything from selecting an instructor to buying gear to learning what to do with it. LINK

Book and DVD Combos

Buy any one of our combos of Book and DVD's and save big! Our choices of combo sets cover the essential fundamentals for every Powered Paragliding Pilot's educational program.

See what's available 

Icaro Paramotor Com Helmets

We are now importing directly and building great integrated PPG Com Helmets at an incredibly good price!

Starting with the Icaro Skyrider TZ and Solar-X Helmets, we are adding Radio Communications or Sena Bluetooth Communication System.

Special Packages include: Icaro Helmet of your choice Sena Bluetooth or Radio System Short Clear or Tinted Viso.

Learn more about these great setups

Reserve Parachutes

Your Reserve Parachute is the one gift your loved one can give you that you hope you will never open!

But if you do, you want something that is made for your size and weight so it functions propelry. Have a look at the options we offer HERE.

Moster Cooling Shroud

Cooling shrouds have shown to extend the life of the paramotor by as much as 50%, according to Vittorazi, maker of the Moster family of engines.

Especially for the larger, hotter motors like the Moster Plus, it is increasingly important to keep the engine running within temperature parameters at all times. These cooling shrouds increase airflow dramatically over the Piston Head of the engine, cooling the metal fins anytime the engine is running.

Order your Cooling Shroud HERE today!

Sena Bluetooth Com Systems

Pair your Sena to your cell phone, and now you're listening to your favorite stereo music while you fly! Got a call coming in? No problem - a simple touch to your ear with your thumb and you are talking without missing a beat. The windscreened microphone cuts the wind noise for clear communication. More Info

Accu-Mix & Safety Siphon Combo

Quickly and easily mix just the right amount of fuel you are going to use for this flight! No mess, completely clean!

Combined with the Safety Siphon, this is the cleanest and simplest fuel transfer system available.

Sorry, the Accu-Mix Jug is temporarily unavailable, hoping it will be back in stock soon!


Aquatic Flotation Devices 

The Powerfloat Flotation Devices include the U shaped life vest made to fit a PPG frame and the 2BESURE and 2BESURE XL 2-piece twin systems for even more security when flying your ultralight aircraft near water. MORE INFO

Winsocks, Poles and Holders   

Check and monitor the wind at your favorite flying site with a Quality Ozone Windsock. Check the wind direction, and monitor its velocity with these brightly colored wind indicators.

The Ozone Colored Windsocks are visible from very far away, due to their bright colors. Wind direction is also easily determined, since the wind socks are tapered from their wide mouth to their narrow tail. Available in three sizes.

To make sure you get these wind socks high above yor truck, be sure to order a Flag Pole for your Wind Sock. LEARN MORE

Tach RPM/Hour  and Temperature Gauges

Watch your investment carefully with these excellent gauges designed to monitor the engine while you are flying.

Tachometer RPM/HOUR gauge will tell you the exact RPM of your engine along with the total hours your engine has run overall. Temperature helps you monitor the health of your motor. READ MORE    

Strobe Systems

As the paragliding and paramotor season winds down and fall sets in, your window of opportunity to fly is reduced by an hour.

Now you can extend smooth air morning and evening flight time with 25w aviation-grade LEDs running on a synchronized TX (transmit) and RX (receive) system. Providing extra 30 minutes before sunrise and sunset flight time, in compliance with FAR 103.

Have a look at the various Strobe systems we have available HERE 

Paramotor Packages

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