Dragon Tail Chase & Precision Landing

2008 World Air Games Qualifier
US Powered Paragliding Competition in Greenville, IL

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Take a 15 meter (or 20 or 25) ribbon up to the altitude of your choice, let it stream behind you then let go of it completely. It starts falling. Fly around and grab it out of the air as quickly as you can. Choosing to fly with a longer ribbon improves your odds but gives some penalty.

Scoring is done by timing from ribbon release until the pilot touches it with his hand or body. The finish point, for dual running purposes, also when the pilot touches the ribbon, or the ribbon touches the ground. It's a big penalty if you don't grab the ribbon before it touches down.

After grabbing the ribbon, stow it (or let it go) and climb to 500 feet for a precision landing. Touch the soccer ball first or get as close as possible. You must climb high enough to fly for at least a minute, power off.